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  1. Steps to find a DOC

Team homework websites (linked below) are now new and improved! They now include classwork and homework, broken down by day and subject. Hint: most teachers will put “  “ around the exact name of the doc/slide/form/video in google classroom. 

Orange Team

Red Team 

Silver Team

Yellow Team 

Aqua Team 

Blue Team 

Gold Team 

Purple Team 

Green Team 

Maroon Team 

Navy Team 

Teal Team 

Teachers are posting in their google classrooms daily. If the missed assignment was from a previous day it will be attached under that specific date. 

If for some reason you still cannot locate the document needed, please have your student reach out to the teacher via email for help. 

2. How to email a teacher:

Start with your greeting:

(Dear/Hello/Hi)  Mr. or Mrs. _________,


This is where you would explain the problem you are having or ask a question. (If you are asking them for help remember your please and thank you) 

End with a closing:

(Thank you/sincerely/ hope you are well), 

Add your name

Check your email!

It’s important that you check your email daily, no matter what grade your in. Sometimes, things can get lost in your inbox – here are some ways to keep track of it. 

Click here for how to use Focused/Other Tabs in your Outlook for the Web email.

When should I contact my counselors? 

~ You feel overwhelmed with your workload.

~ You need some help with time management/study skills.

~ You are looking for some ideas about how to unwind/de-stress.

~ You have a question/concern and you do not know who to ask/talk with about it..

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