2017-2018 Job Descriptions

Middlesex Parent Association (MPA)


Job Descriptions



Executive board members meet monthly

Co-Chairs (2)

  • Co-Chairs preside over monthly meetings of the MPA and meet regularly with school administration
  • Work with volunteers to coordinate MPA activities
  • Communicate with teachers, parents and school administration on all appropriate MPA matters through the school wire, email, MPA website and MPA meetings.
  • Represent MMS at BOE, budget, subcommittee & CDSP meetings on a regular basis
  • Speak at various school activities
  • Serve as MPA leaders for a one-year term

Vice-Chairs (2)

  • Support Co-Chairs in coordinating and attending MPA activities (programs, events)
  • Represent MMS at BOE, budget, subcommittee & CDSP meetings, as requested by Co-Chairs
  • Speak at various school activities, including Principal Coffees, as needed
  • Vice-Chairs shadow Co-Chairs and move into lead in the second year

Program Chairs (3) (one from each grade)

  • Attend and organize all MPA meeting programs at the direction of the MPA Co-Chairs
  • Ensure that parliamentary procedure is followed
  • Coordinate Grade Level Coffees: recruit hosts, solicit refreshments
  • Provide refreshments for all MPA meetings and Old Board New Board Coffee in May

Secretary (1)

  • Records the minutes of the MPA and Executive Committee meetings
  • Submits minutes to the co-chairs for approval and e-mails them to the webmaster for posting on the MPA website

Treasurer & Assistant Treasurer (1 Treasurer; 1 Assistant Treasurer)

  • Maintain the MPA budget
  • Pay invoices
  • Process reimbursements
  • Maintain relationship with MPA bank

Nominating Chairs (1 Chair per grade, of which one shall be the Lead Chair of the Committee)

  • Works with the committee to fill the MPA volunteer slate
  • Distributes invitations to the annual Old Board New Board Coffee in May
  • Facilitates communication between old and new Committee Chairs at year end

Communications Chair (1)

  • Manages MPA communications, including Facebook and Instagram accounts
  • Oversees MPN, weekly e-mail newsletter, as well as MPA website


Beautification (2 Co-Chairs)

  • Provides assistance accenting entrance at MMS

Book Fair (2 Co-Chairs)

  • Coordinates annual book fair with outside book vendor, anticipated to be an online event
  • Promotes participation in event with students and families

Budget Representative (1 or 2)

  • Attends Board of Ed, Town, CDSP and administrative meetings January–April
  • Presents at February BOE Hearing and Town Hearing
  • Reports at monthly MPA meetings during Budget Season

Career Day (2 Co-Chairs and 7 members)

  • Organizes the spring Eighth Grade Career Day, including obtaining speakers

Eighth Grade Party (1 Chair, 1 Vice Chair, 3 Members)

  • Oversees the June dance, working closely with the Assistant Principal and Student Council

Eighth Grade Promotion (1 Chair, 1 Vice, 5 Members; 6th and 7th grade parent volunteers)

  • Plans & organizes the events, held on the last day of school, surrounding the promotion ceremony
  • Recruits committee members
  • Works closely with the Assistant Principal

Fundraising (Annual Event) (1 Chair; 1 Vice Chair)

  • Prepares for and publicizes an annual fundraising event or check writing campaign usually held in the spring

Information Book (1 Chair, 1 Vice Chair)

  • Compiles and prints MMS address and phone directory. (Most of this work is done in the spring and the week preceding and following the opening of school in the fall.)

Information Book Sales (1 Chair; 2 reps per grade)

  • Sells directories at Open Houses and at MPA meetings in the fall
  • Recruits volunteers to help out at sales tables

Library Volunteer Coordinator (1)

  • Organizes volunteer staff for MMS Library
  • Sets up schedule
  • Serves as liaison between library staff and MPA

Message Center Coordinator (2)

  • Schedules staffing for message center
  • Maintains the message center office

MPN Editors (1 Chair; 2 editors)

  • Receives submissions and distributes weekly MPN e-mail newsletter via Constant Contact

Music for Youth (1 Chair)

  • Publicizes upcoming Music for Youth programs at the school MPA meetings
  • Collects and deposits donations
  • Acts as host at the performances

New Family Orientation (1 Chair; 1 Vice Chair)

  • Works with guidance department to coordinate all activities related to families who are new to town with a child entering MMS
  • Includes welcome coffee and tour in late August, and additional gatherings in the early fall. Must be available the week before school starts.

Nominating 6th, 7th, 8th (3-4 Members per Grade)

  • Prepares the slate of officers for the following year
  • Assists chair in preparing hand-off job description folders that include job description, monetary reimbursement form, list of committee members and their contact information.

Open House Committee

(1 Chair and 2 Reps per Grade from different elementary schools)

  • Purchases refreshments including cups, water lemonade, tablecloths and napkins for Fall Open Houses
  • Available to help serve/staff the open house reception on a different night than their child’s open house
  • Coordinate food donations via signup genius before/beginning of school year or contact MPA regarding buying food.

Publicity  (1 Chair and 1-2 Members per Grade)

  • Keeps in touch with teachers
  • Prepares and delivers all articles & photos to local newspapers and MMS Newsletter
  • Keeps the cafeteria bulletin board up-to-date

Spiritwear (1 Chair; 1 Vice Chair and 1 Member)

  • Purchases, sells and distributes spirit wear throughout the school year at all school functions attended by parents. Must be available to assist in sales at Open House in the fall

Staff Appreciation (3 Chairs (one per event) , 6 Members)

  • Plans and provides food, beverages and paper products for Back-to-School Faculty Luncheon which is held in August before students return to school. Must be available to attend the luncheon.
  • Organizes and staffs Staff Holiday Luncheon in December
  • Organizes and staffs Teacher Appreciation Lunch or Breakfast in May

School Supply Sales (1 Chair; 1 Vice Chair)

  • Organizes the school supply sales fundraiser. Parent orders are solicited and placed in the spring and then supplies are received and distributed in late August.

UNICEF (2 Co-Chairs and 5 Members)

  • Supervises the MMS UNICEF/Junk Aid Drive in October.
  • Organizes parties for winning homerooms.

Webmasters (1 Chair; 1 Vice Chair)

  • Maintains website at PTO Co-Chair’s direction.

Youth Asset Representative (1-2 Chairs)

  • Representative to attend monthly Youth Asset Committee meetings

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